If your child is still playing on an entry level instrument, you may want to consider upgrading to improve their musical experience. Just walking into the music store to try instruments can be daunting, since there are so many choices. Here is a guide for upgrading instruments to help assist you in making the best decision. These are all very high quality instrument that if well cared for, will last a lifetime and hold their value very well.


Upgrading a mouthpiece is often one of the quickest and most cost-effective ways to immediately improve your playing. 



Flute: Yamaha YFL 421

Clarinet: Buffet E11

                Mouthpiece: Vandoren M15

Alto Saxophone: Yamaha YAS-480

                Concert Mouthpiece: Selmer C-star

                Jazz Mouthpiece: Meyer 5

Tenor Saxophone: Yamaha YTS-480

                Concert Mouthpiece: Selmer C-star

                Jazz Mouthpiece: Otto Link Rubber Tone Edge 7-star 

Trumpets: Bach Stradivarius 37

                Mouthpiece: Bach 3C

French Horns: Conn 8D

                Mouthpiece: Shilke 31

Trombones: Yamaha Allegro

Euphoniums: Yamaha 321